Borough of Tionesta, PA

Incorporated 1856

Small Town Living on the Allegheny

Tionesta Borough Residents – Notice of Smoking Sewers

The Tionesta Municipal Authority has contracted Pipe-Eye Sewer Services, Inc. to conduct smoke testing of sanitary sewers in your area on Monday, September 14th through Wednesday, September 16th. This testing will assist in locating defects within the sanitary sewer system in the Borough. During testing you may see smoke escaping from vent stacks on buildings or from holes in the ground. Don’t be alarmed.This smoke is non-toxic, non-staining and does not create a fire hazard. The smoke will dissipate within minutes. Prior to testing, please pour water into any basement floor drains and any other unused drains or sinks. This will help to seal the drain trap so the smoke will not enter your building. If smoke should enter your building during the test, it may mean that there are plumbing defects, which could allow DANGEROUS SEWER GAS to enter your building. Open doors and windows to ventilate any smoke that enters the building.

Please notify our crews prior to testing if any of the following situations exist:

• Any pets that may be confined alone in the building.
• Any person who would be alone and is an invalid or sleeping.
• Elderly persons alone or who may become confused if they see smoke.
• Any person with respiratory problems who may be in the building. If you have any of these situations or any other questions concerning the smoke tests, call either of the two Borough office numbers 814/755-3441 or 814/755-3502 or Pipe-Eye Sewer Services (Kerry Roslinski) @ 814/366-3950.

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