Borough of Tionesta, PA

Incorporated 1856

Small Town Living on the Allegheny

Building and Zoning

Building Permit Graphic

The Building Inspector is responsible for inspection of building construction projects, which fall under the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) including:

  • Structural elements
  • Plumbing
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Electrical Systems
  • Issuing building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and demolition permits.

The Borough may also require, instead of a “Building” permit; a “Municipal” permit. Under the Uniform Construction Code, some types of construction do not require a “Building” permit; but the Borough’s Zoning Ordinance may require a “Municipal” permit. For instance; the UCC only requires a building permit for garages over 1000 square feet; but the Borough Zoning Ordinance requires a municipal permit for any garage or shed, regardless of square footage. In this instance you would contact the Borough Zoning Officer for a municipal permit for this type of construction.

In any event, in anticipation of any type of project, you should contact the Borough Zoning Officer as to set back requirements, allowable construction in different Zoning Districts, etc.; and what type of permit (building or municipal) is required for your project.

The Zoning Officer is responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Borough’s Zoning Ordinance. Prior to the issuance of a “Building” permit, or a “Municipal” permit, the Zoning Officer shall ascertain that all the conditions and prerequisites of the Borough’s Zoning Ordinance are met.

Building Inspector:
Jeff Elder
UCC Certified Inspector
Bureau Veritas
(814) 849-2448
(814) 282-1852

Zoning Officer:
Cindy Crytzer
(814) 755-3502
Email: cindycrytzer

Sewage Enforcement Officer:
Todd S. Fantaskey
1137 Follett Run Rd.
Warren, PA 16365
(814) 723-3775

Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer:
Nick Melnick
1218 Grandview Road
Oil City, PA 16301
(814) 673-5805



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