Sewer Information & Rates – 2020

Sewer Pipes
Utility bills are prepared and mailed bimonthly (every two months) for Water, Sewer & Trash. Billing occurs after the two months of usage. Ex: March bill is for January and February usage.
The sewer fee per EDU (equivalent dwelling unit) is $29.91 monthly for all residential, commercial and industrial users. Bimonthly charge is $59.82
Sewer Tap Fee $480.00 per unit or tap.
Residents who leave their homes for at least 120 days at a time may contact the office to have their service suspended until they return, as long as water service is also suspended. The fee to turn services on again is $40.00 and will be included on the subsequent bill.
Water/sewer/trash bills can be paid at the Borough office – 631 Elm Street, Tionesta, or mailed to PO Box 408, Tionesta, PA 16353.
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