Borough of Tionesta, PA

Incorporated 1856

Small Town Living on the Allegheny

Stormwater Management

Stormwater originates from rainfall and other precipitation that runs off of surfaces all over the Borough – rooftops, streets, lawns, etc. Stormwater makes its way into natural water sources and takes everything from Borough surfaces with it to these areas.

Stormwater management is regulated by the Clean Water Act and by the Forest County Stormwater Management Plan. Forest County has adopted the Forest County Stormwater Management Ordinance and will administer said Ordinance county-wide. The Administrator for the Forest County Stormwater Management Ordinance is the Executive Director of the Forest County Conservation District & Planning Office, Ms. Donna Zofcin. Questions regarding the Stormwater Plan or Storrnwater Ordinance should be directed to her at (814) 755-3450.

In an attempt to make the process as easy as possible the following steps are envisioned for those planning to build or construct structures (including driveways) that will create impervious surfaces in Forest County:

  • A person will contact the Borough for a building permit.
  • The Borough will also distribute the Forest County Small Project Stormwater Management Application packet to that person.
  • The building permit should not be granted until the Small Project Stormwater Management Application has been reviewed and approved.
  • After the Small Project Storrnwater Management Application has been reviewed and approved, the County will notify the Borough the same day by telephone and a hard copy (or E-Mail copy if preferred) will be sent to the Borough.
  • Once a Small Project Stormwater Management Application has been filed, the county Administrator will review the application and may visit the site of development to insure that the information is correct and to inspect the site for issues that may affect the building/construction project.
  • A second inspection will be made within one year of the building/construction completion.

Information pamphlets are available at:

Want to help prevent storm water pollution? Here are a few tips:

  • Properly dispose of hazardous substances, never pour them down any part of the storm sewer system. This includes kitchen grease!!
  • Store materials that could pollute storm water indoors.
  • For outdoor storage, use containers that do not rust.
  • Report discharges from storm water outfalls during dry weather; a sign that there could be a problem.
  • Look for signs of pollutants leaving construction sites in storm water. Report poorly managed construction sites.
  • Use pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides properly and efficiently to prevent excess runoff.
  • Pick up after pets and properly dispose of their waste.
  • Install rain barrels or rain gardens to capture storm water.

For more information on stormwater go to EPA’ s stormwater program homepage at:

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